Summer Retreat & Projects

An annual event I look forward to planning is the Summer Retreat for our local Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  Last year, we tried a new venue at The National Conference Center - it was met with favorable reviews, so came back again.  This time we were in their Conference Hall which was located in the same building where dining and accommodations were.  Plus, even more space as a bonus.

Our guild hosts two retreats annualy - one in the winter, and one in the summer.  The summer retreat used to be a smaller preview of the winter retreat, and was called A Taste of Retreat.  But this year, it was renamed to simply Summer Retreat because it has become just as popular as the winter one.  We had 39 registered attendees - including a few Junior members!  I was so excited.  The entire conference space was available to us - 8400 square feet!  We sectioned off one-third so it would not be overwhelming.  Behind the open doors in the smaller section we had some tables and chairs set up for relaxing and several tables for trade-ups materials that attendees choose to share.

6000 square feet to Retreat!
In the large space we set up the workstations.  To promote socializing, we gave everyone two worktables for their use, set up in a "L" configuration, with three or four "L"s grouped together in pods.  Along the center of the room we set up plenty of work tables for cutting, measuring and ironing.


Our youngest attendee.

More friends and Juniors. :)

My sewing space.  I got to watch the Olympics while stitching.  Go Team USA!

Sneaking in a Sewing Selfie. :)

So what did I make for my 3 days of fun?  A couple of embroidery requests, and then I worked on aprons.  These will be gifts later.  I ordered a dozen apron panels a few years ago, but have never gotten around to sewing them.  So here was a good opportunity.

A couple embroidered Christmas stockings for a niece and her boyfriend.

Wristlet for a Golden Anniversary

Even added my little label inside!  :)

The aprons I am making are by Wilmington Prints.  One is called Le Petit Bistro, and the other is called Wine a Little.  
Le Petit Bistro Apron Panel
Wine a Little Apron Panel

I was asked by several folks where I found these panels.  I ordered them from Hancocks of Paducah at the time, but I do not believe they have these exact designs anymore, but they may still carry something similar.

The aprons are very easy.  Everything is included in the panel, including a pocket and straps for neck and waist.  The longest task was turning all the straps after their long seam was sewn.
Cutting out the pocket.
I thought the apron fabric was a little thin by itself, so I decided to line the apron and pocket with muslin, then top stitch along the borders for a finished look.  The added lining gave the apron just enough weight that it felt right.

Cutting a muslin lining.

First one done.

After I cut out all of the aprons, pockets, straps and linings, I was only able to complete five of the dozen aprons.  Completion of the others should not take as long going forward since the pieces are now ready to go.

On a personal note, I also have an excuse as to why I didn't get to finish everything!  I was absent for one entire afternoon.  I had to leave to watch my son test for his Black Belt.  He is now a holder of a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  Good work, my boy!  :-)

My son has earned his Black Belt!

 Hope you enjoyed your summer too!  It is back to school for our family now.

Happy Stitching!


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