Anita Goodesign Studio Tour

After shopping the Yard Sale at their warehouse, we stopped next door for the Anita Goodesign Stephen Wilson Studio tour!  Everyone at the office was so nice, and the environment has a very creative vibe to it.  Very neat place to see.  
Anita Goodesign recently released a Special Edition of Butterflies, so there was a lot of butterfly art on display in their studio.  This is what you currently see when you first walk into the studio:  
Follow the hallway to the right, and you enter into the studio art-side of Anita Goodesign. Steve's work is displayed along the walls, and a few people were working on their current creations.
Walk through the art-studio and you enter into the center area of the offices.  This is set up for meetings and demonstrations:
On the other side of this open space, are large industrial embroidery machines.  Their newest machine has a 43"x22" embroidery field.  And it cuts with a laser as well!
Adjacent to this space are more embroidery machines.  Multi-head machines as well as home embroidery machines.  All stitching out their newest designs.
Next to this section is their design planning/staging area.  The walls are covered in cork so the work can be pinned and repined to different areas depending on their status.
We even got to preview some of the sample designs:
I can't wait to see the designs for this stained glass quilt:
Past this cork area are where the folks are who work on the instructions and layout.

And the next room has the folks who hand-digitize the artwork into embroidery designs:
And on the other side of this room, there are people working on editing the designs.  In this photo, she is working on the stained-glass quilt we saw in the cork-room.  I think she said the stained glass quilt is coming out in July.
Around the bend from the digitizers, the hallway leads to the sewing room.  The ladies in here make at least 20 samples of each design set.  Enough to stock the 20 rig trucks they use to host Anita Goodesign events around the country.
Cherry Blossom Tile Scene Sample Quilts
Dolls 1,2,3 Collection is coming out in June!
As we finished up our tour of their offices, we passed a hallway and were offered to sign it before we go.  Sherry and I each picked a different section of the wall to add our signature.  When we were done and went to see what the other had written, we realized we had written the same note!  "Sew Much Fun" was in our sentiment.  We think alike! 
Signature wall.
We are appreciative of the Anita Goodesign staff that took the time to show us around their offices.  Looks like a very creative and fun place to be.  
The drive back to northern Virginia from Charlotte rained the entire time, just like the day before.  Seven hours is a long drive.  What made this trip so enjoyable was sharing it with Sherry.  
We'll be back next year!!
Happy Stitching.

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