Anita Goodesign Yard Sale!

For the second year, my favorite embroidery design company, Anita Goodesign, hosted a yard sale at its facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I didn't go last year - the company is located 400 miles away from me - although I did score a deal on thread with last year's online yard sale.  From what we could see from the online posts of those that went to Charlotte for the sale, there were incredible deals to be had.  So, for this year's sale, which was just held this past weekend, my friend, Sherry and I decided we would carpool down together for this event. We were so excited and hoped it would be as great as we were anticipating.
Anita Goodesign Studio in Charlotte, NC
We left mid-day on Thursday.  It rained the entire time during our 7-hour drive, just to keep things interesting.  The rain finally stopped once we got to Charlotte, of course.  The yard sale had started that morning, and from the posts we were reading on social media, people were cleaning up on good deals.  They said the line was around the building before the doors opened that morning.

We arrived in Charlotte around 7:30PM, and after a quick check-in at a local hotel, we headed over to Anita Goodesign to see what we could see.  The sale had ended for the day at 2 PM, so the parking lot was empty.  We were still excited for the sale, so we took a peek through the windows to check out the items out on display.  I apologized for the nose smudges on the window! 😉
The doors would open again at 7 AM Friday, so we woke up early and got there around 6:45AM.  There were a few cars in the parking lot at that time, but the people were still sitting inside them, so we parked and quickly got to the door to be first in line!  A little joyous victory for getting up early! 😉

Once we were at the door, the others who had been waiting in their cars got out as well and joined us in line.  One lady had been there the previous day and was coming back for more deals.  She had traveled in from Tennessee - an even farther distance than we had travelled.
First in line!
The yard sale did not disappoint!  An instant-win scratch-off ticket was handed out at the door, along with second-chance entry for a $100 gift card drawing.  My scratch-off ticket was a winner!  I won any Premium Plus collection!  I chose the Animal Adventure collection, which I have been eyeing.   We shopped there for a couple of hours.  It wasn't crowded, so we took our time browsing the sale.  Many of the random yard sale items had been sold the first day - such has a bag of zippers for $1.  I found one pair of leather handbag handles left for $1.  Some embroidery hoops still remained, so I picked up one of those as well.  The warehouse was still stocked with designs on sale.  You could fill a tray which could hold 80-100 design CDs for $100.  Half-filled (50 design sets) for $50.

Between the heavily discounted prices on their designs, and the goodie bag with collections, and a winning ticket I was handed at the door, I came away with incredible savings.  When I got home that night, I laid it all out, and figured out the current value of my items:
My $161 haul from Anita Goodesign yard sale.
These are the current costs for the items I picked up, along with the cost I paid at the yard sale:

Sherry used her Marriott points to get our hotel room at no cost, and I drove my husband's hybrid car which gets 40 miles per gallon, so gas mileage was great.   I would definitely say this was worth the trip!  The best part was enjoying it with a friend.  We plan on going to the yard sale next year too.

Before we left Charlotte to drive home, we went next door to the Anita Goodesign Stephen Wilson art studio for a tour.   That was really interesting to see.  I'll show photos from there in my next post.

Happy Stitching!    

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