Close-At-Hand Diabetic Case

I have promised my friend that I will make her teenage daughter a diabetic case/wallet combo.  Right now, she is using her diabetic case as her wallet, but it would be much better to separate those functions into different compartments.  I've been unable to find a pattern for what it is exactly that she is looking for, so I am attempting to make something from scratch.  That makes me a little worried that it won't come out right. 😟  So, to get an idea on how to make such an item, I figured I would make a couple of items - a diabetic case and a wallet - from commerical patterns to see if I can somehow come up with my own take on a design that meets what she is looking for.
my diabetic case pattern by Annie

So, I made the diabetic case from Patterns by Annie called Close At Hand.  It is my first time trying one of her patterns.  I made a couple of goofs, but overall, I think it came out alright.
Pattern by Annie

First, I must say that I love that the pattern came with a sheet of labels so I could have everything organized and ready to go!
All pieces cut and labeled.

I also love that the pattern instructions have a check box beside each step, so you can check it off as you go and not lose track of what you  have done.  This helped a lot as there were many many small steps to complete this project.

After cutting and labeling all the pieces, the components of the case are created.
Components of the case prepared.
Then the interior of the case is assembled.
Interior panels of the case.
The case front and case back is made.
Case front and case back panels.
The side strip and zipper are sewn to the front panel...
Side zipper is attached
Bind the raw edges of the case front and back...

All done. πŸ˜€
Diabetic case complete.
I brought this to my mother to show her my handiwork.  She must have liked it because she kept it! πŸ˜„  That wasn't my intention, as I wanted to keep it as a sample to reference for the case/wallet I will make, but if she is happy with, she can have it.  At least I have photos to remind me of what I did.

I'm sharing this project at Fiber Tuesday, Too Cute Tuesday and Freemotion by the River.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Hi Sylvia,
    What a fabulous idea!! A good friend of mine has a six-year-old who has Diabetes. It is just a fact of life for them, but how wonderful would it be to make her a pretty case to carry her meter with her along with some other fun things?! I really hope you do come up with a meter/wallet case!! Please! I will be watching and waiting with bated breath. ~smile~ Roseanne


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