January Ornament Girl

I finished my Ornament Girl January ornament!  Very pretty for this Valentine season.    

This is the third Ornament Girl kit that I've received as a VIP member of the Ornament Girl's Club.  It is a fun little craft to receive in the mail each month.  I like this ornament to just be out on display in a small crystal dish, rather than hanging.  

This ornament was definitely more of a challenge to do.  You may not think that just by looking at it, but the humps on the top, and narrowness of the heart shape itself made it more difficult to cover it smoothly.

As usual, it came beautifully packaged.  Everything precut and organized.

The instructions this month included full-length videos detailing how to complete this ornament, from beginning to the end.

After a few re-tries of a few pieces, I was finally happy with how all the fabric laid out on the ornament.

Just add some pretty flowers and pearls, and it is all done!

Happy Crafting!

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