Fresh look and a Fresh Sewing Room

Starting the year off with a fresh clean sewing room.  Decided to give this blog a fresh look too.  I love the minimalist look with more white space, and modern flair of grid layout.  All the prior content is still here.  It is still on Blogger, so the links remain the same.  Nothing is lost which makes me very happy.  Yay for a fresh start!

And the sewing room???  I cleared it out, rearranged it a bit (again), and organized as I put things back.

New layout for Sewing Room
My sewing space is 17.5' long and 9.5' narrow, with a door in the center of a long wall, and a sloped ceiling on one half of the room.

Pano-view of sewing room from the entrance door.
Features I decided I want in my sewing room:
  • Sewing machine is not facing a wall.  Tried this a few times, and never happy with it for long.
  • My back is not to the door when I am sewing.  I like to see who is coming in. :)
  • Visibility out the window when sewing.  I love the natural light and to be able to see what is going on outside.
  • Full access to the 6' sit-down quilting machine table.
  • Access to small press and cutting areas close to sewing machine.
  • Access to computer close to sewing machine.
  • Large ironing station.
  • Large cutting station.
  • Lots of lighting.

Come into my sewing room and take a short video tour:  

Here is a Photo Tour.  πŸ˜ƒ
The main sewing area now.  I like facing into the room with my machine.  My computer is close by, as is a small pressing area and a small cutting area.

Sewing Station setup with computer, small pressing and cutting areas. 
Another view from my sewing station.
Full access to my sit-down quilting table. :) 
What is new in my room is an Ironing Center!  This unit was donated to me a couple of years ago, and it has since been in the box waiting to be assembled and used.  I have the cutting table with one side folded down to conserve space in my room.  It is a 3' square surface now.  I can extend it to it full 5' width on occasion if needed, but more often than not, I will not need the full table. 
New Ironing Center and Cutting Table (one-side folded)
I kept the gridded design wall where it was as I still love it there.  :)

My supply corner.  This corner of the room houses my fabrics, thread storage, notions, and most all supplies needed to work.  Everything is labeled and easy to identify.

My Supply Corner

Here is a pano-view of the sewing room, looking from the window side.  The tall dresser stores my Scan N Cut and embroidery stabilizers and blanks.  My storage of stabilizer rolls is also in the corner.
View from other side.  

Last, but not least is the closet.  It is a small, walk-in style.  It was so crowded that you really could not walk into it before.  Maybe take one step, but that was it.  

My ""Before" photo of closet.

My "After" photo all organized.

I removed my beloved black Singer 160 from my sewing room.  I decided that I invested a lot in my nice BabyLock Destiny II, and I want to use the it for all my sewing and embroidery.  I could not part with the Singer entirely, so I brought it to my mother as a surprise.  She has her trusty Pfaff machine, which is probably 40 years old.  We'll have to spend a little time together to show her the features of her new machine.  She seemed pretty excited to get a modern electronic machine.  It made my day.  πŸ˜Š

Mom seems happy to have a new sewing machine.

Here's to a New Year of fresh sewing ideas!

Happy Stitching!!

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