Fitting It All In - Sewing Room Plans

I'm looking forward to getting my Sweet 16 long-arm soon.  Now my issue is where it will go in my sewing room.

My current Sewing Room layout, plus the new table that wants to move in.

My DD2 made a floor plan for me the last time I wanted to rearrange my room.  She cut out shapes to represent the furniture I have to work with.  I'm so glad I saved her work!  It is so much easier to play with the plans on paper, than using physical labor first, then decide it isn't quite right. ☺   I definitely recommend doing the moving around on paper first.

I made a new little square of paper to be the Sweet 16 that is coming.
On the graph paper, each square represents 6", so 2 squares for every foot of distance.
The right half of my sewing room has a sloped ceiling, so I prefer to have my cutting table on the left half of the room.

    I really would rather not lose any of the furniture I currently have in my sewing room.  I can fold down the sewing desk that is being used as a knitting station, but  I prefer it fully open and extended.  I use the full top to store rulers and other things behind the knitting machine.

    Here are some of the layout options I have come up with so far...

    Option A:
    Shift the sewing tables 90ยบ to the right.
    Add long-arm table to the center of room.Switch Knitting Station and small dresser positions
    Move cream file cabinet to lower right corner.

     Option B:
    Replace Knitting Station/Sewing Desk with Long-arm.
    Switch Design Wall and Tall Dresser positions.

    Option C:
    Replace Knitting Station/Sewing Desk with Long-arm.
    Switch the short & long sewing tables with each other.
    Move kid table next to tall dresser.
    Move black file cabinet to other side of tall dresser.

    I think I know which option I prefer so far.  I'm still playing with it though.  Any thoughts??

    Happy Stitching!


    1. I love the graph paper idea. All options look great. I sent you an email with some more thoughts. Have a fun day!

      1. Hi Michelle. The ideas you sent by email got me playing with more options. Thanks!

    2. Graph paper is always a great way to try out new arrangements, have fun!

      1. Hi Connie. Thanks for commenting. I loved your blog too, and a am your newest follower!

    3. I did the same thing recently in my daughter's room. When she got married I got a sewing room for a short amount of time. My oldest daughter and her family have moved in for four months though so I had to pack it all up. If you have a minute go to my blog and check it out. I look forward to seeing how your room ends up!

      1. Hi Cindy! I liked how neat and organized your room was. I also recognize a bit of the wall decor. ;-) I hope to get back to working on the room design very soon.

    4. I'm jealous of your space. I've always used graph paper when trying to figure out furniture layouts but when we moved into our new house last year I used EQ7. Of the layouts you offered I think I like A but sounds like you have more ideas. I'm a new follower via Sew Many Things so I can't wait to see the final result.

      1. Hi Carla! I have EQ7 too! I wish I could find an EQ7 class nearby to get me going with it. I checked out your blog too and am your newest follower. Sew glad you find me! :-)


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