In the Hoop Halloween Finger Puppets

I wanted to get these embroidered Halloween Finger Puppets done quickly because Halloween is coming up fast.  Hurricane Sandy is whipping the rain and winds outside, and I'm afraid we'll lose power at any time.  I closed the blinds on the window in my sewing room because I get nervous watching the tree outside that window blowing in the winds.

In The Hoop Finger Puppets....
In the Hoop Halloween Finger Puppets
I found these Halloween Finger Puppet embroidery designs on C-Some-Stitches website.  The set contains 10 different little puppets, but I've only gotten four made so far.  I think they came out very cute.  They were very easy to stitch out, and the included instructions were pretty clear.  Here is how I did them...

Materials needed:
  • Felt in various colors
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Embroidery Thread
Stitch the back of the puppet first.  Use the spray adhesive to place the felt on the stabilizer, covering the placement stitching.  When done with back, remove from hoop and set aside.  Here are some photo examples of different puppets.
Stitch the back of the puppet on tear-away.

Back of puppet done - remove from hoop and set aside.
Stitch the front of the puppet up until the final satin stitching.  

Stitching the front of a puppet.
Use spray adhesive to adhere the back of the puppet to the back of the hooped-front of puppet.
Matching up the back of the puppet to the back-side of the front of the puppet.

Put the hoop with the front and back puppet pieces back into the machine.
You can see the blue top of the puppet on  top of the hooped stabilizer,
and the blue bottom of the puppet on the underside of the hooped stabilizer.

Finish the final satin stitching and trim the design.
Very cute!!

Before stitching the finger puppets today, I did a little monogram on a lacrosse bag for a friend.  It will be a gift for her daughter at Christmas.  I couldn't fit the bag on my machine due to the hard insert inside it, so we decided to do her initials on the strap so you can see it across the front when she wears is.  I used Monogram Wizard Plus software with the Exact Script font for creating this monogram.
Monogram on front-facing part of a lacrosse bag strap.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love your finger puppets. Hope Sandy didn't cause you too much damage. Keep safe.

    1. Thanks Gayle. I'm thankful we weathered the storm pretty well here. Lots of rain and wind, and some flooding, but Sandy was nice to us, compared to the damage she caused in other states like NY & NJ.

  2. They look so cute, and creative.

  3. I downloaded some pupets from another site. This was my first ITH project and I kept sewing the last layer on top wrong sides together. I was unable to flip right sideout due to the small holes and was about to give up. Thanks for the pictures of that last step!


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