New Sewing Room Layout

I've got my new Sweet 16 delivered today!  Well, sort of.  I received the box with the table, and the box  with the bobbin winder and extras.  I wasn't home at the time of delivery, so I did not receive the machine itself as it requires a signature.  I called up UPS and had them hold the box at the customer center, and I will be by to pick it up in person.

Two out of Three (boxes) at my door!

I got my Magic Sliders out, and played with the room set up since I had the table in.
This was my original sewing room setup:
My Original Sewing Room Layout

I went with Option C from my previous post since it involved the least amount of changes.  I just moved the little file cabinet out of the way, and moved the small 4' table 90° over to the right.  I put the Sweet 16 in the middle where the small 4' table was.
"Option C"

I didn't like the feel of this at all.  The new table is shorter and wider than the 4' table that I had along the wall, and it really made the works space feel tight and closed in.

A reader had sent me a plan with everything laid along the walls of the room.  While her specific plan didn't work because of some quirks with my room, I did use her plan as a base for some more options I hadn't considered.  So, Thank You Michelle!  

I opted for a new Option D:

The Chosen Layout

It's a different feel to have everything along the walls.  I will have to roll my chair between my embroidery and long-arm, or else get another chair.  My initial thoughts...

I love having more open floor space.  Mine is a narrow room, and this makes it feel more spacious.

My cutting table is not 100% walk-around.  It has a short side along the wall and a bit of a corner along a table edge.  So it's a bout 75% walk-around enabled. I think that will be OK.  The table does have some clearance along the wall and table edge to allow fabric to drape over if necessary.

I took down my knitting station and made that desk to be my small sewing desk with my Singer 160 Sewing Machine.  The knitting station hasn't been touched in over a year, and I would rather have my Singer out and available as needed.  The prior Small Sewing Desk is now a computer desk.

I like have the Sweet 16 table between the other two tables.  These tables can serve as extensions to the long-arm table when needed.

I was thinking of maybe getting another smaller 4' table to use instead of the 6' table.  That would give more space around the cutting table.  I just don't want to spend money on furniture if not required.

I like my Design Wall where it is and am glad I didn't have to move it.  I also like where the two dressers are and didn't move them either.

As soon as I get the Sweet 16 machine in place, I'll post some photos of the room.

Any thoughts so far?

Happy Stitching!


  1. It looks great!! Have fun with your new machine and table!!!! I can't wait to see pictures!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I have to wait a bit more before I can play with it as my schedule is busy lately. Pictures will be coming soon!

  2. Looking good but I have a question? What is a Knitting Station?
    I like the open floor area of course I'd probably pile it with fabric or bins some how. My husband says if I find an empty spot I'll put something on it. Maybe maybe not. LOL

    1. Hi Carla! I have the Ultimate Sweater Machine (plus the extension kit). I had it mounted across the front of the small sewing desk and made it my knitting station. You can see a photo of it in my Sewing Room post in September. I had a vision of making afghans for gifts, but never got past knitting the first skien. LOL.


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