Sit-down Long-Arm Resources

I have been gathering a lot of information on the HQ Sweet 16 and Baby Lock Tiara sit-down long arm machines.  For those of you interested, here are good sources for information:

HQ Sweet 16

HandiQuilter Sweet 16
     YouTube Videos:
Baby Lock Tiara
Baby Lock Tiara  - this product is new to the market, so there are not as many links on it to be found yet.   It is essentially the same product as the Sweet 16.  I've read that the Tiara is built for Baby Lock by HQ. 

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Let me know if you have more resources to add to these lists.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Thanks for all of this information Sylvia. I've wanted a Sweet 16 for years and finally ordered one earlier this week. I am so looking forward to receiving it!
    Shelia (from Tennessee)

  2. what machine did you end up buying ?


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