Crafty Gimp Keychain

This weekend was spent camping with our older Girl Scouts in Mount Solan, Virginia.  A traditional Girl Scout activity is using gimp, which is a plastic lace.  So although I got no stitching done, I did make a new keychain for myself this weekend, which I was in need of.

My new 4-color Gimp Keychain
This pic made me notice that I need to trim that pink lace!  ☺

Since I tend to misplace my keys often, I like to having a long keychain, so it can easily be spotted. There can always be a piece of it sticking out somewhere so it can be easily found at the bottom of my purse or bag.

close-up view of weaving

This keychain uses four colors.  I did the twisted style, with a couple of reversals to make it look interesting.  Using four colors is similar to using two or three colors - you just weave in one more color.

I searched online to find some instructions to show you how this is made.  I did find the site that looks like it covers all you need to know for learning the different stitches.

There are differences in the laces sold at different stores.  My personal preference is for the Rexlace I find at Michaels.  It seems thicker and more durable.

Click here for the page that shows how to make this corkscrew effect with four colors.

A couple of pics from our camping:
North River

Our Weekend Accommodations

Our Troop 5527

Happy Stitching!

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  1. That's a very cute keychain. I like the spiral design. The girls look like they are having fun. I sure miss camping with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Mine are both in their 30's now.


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