Sunday Stitching

This week whizzed by and Saturday was busy with kids' soccer games and Tae Kwon Do seminars.  I have had zero time in for crafting, so I made sure to have some fun crafting time for me on Sunday.  

First, I need to share with you what arrived in the mail on Saturday!!  I won a copy of an Anita Goodesign Sepcial Edition from the IHAN Machine Embroidery Hop on Cindy Carlson's Sew Cindy blog a few weeks ago.    These design projects are beautiful.  I had a very hard time choosing just one.  I got DH's input for what he would like to see hanging on our wall.  I chose the Fantasy Birds.  It is absolutely beautiful.  You can read a great review of this design set here.  I must admit that I'm a bit nervous to undertake this project.

Fantasy Birds by Anita Goodesign

While trying to decide which Special Edition to chose, I could not stop looking at the Golden Tapestry Special Edition.  I kept coming back to it to look at it in detail.  This design was inspired by the artistry and opulence at the Palace of Versailes in France.

Golden Tapestry embroidery by Anita Goodesign.

I happen to find it 40% off on sale for one more day at IHAN so I ordered it before I changed my mind!  This one will the better project to do first to learn how these Special Edition projects work.  It is only two colors of fabric and thread.  I would like to do this one on a dark forest green silk fabric with gold metallic thread.  It will hang in either our living room or dining room.

I made a copy of the instructions and put them in a pocket folder so that
I can write notes all over my instructions and keep any related items together.


I did get my EQ Stitch installed and watched a couple of included videos.  This is definitely software that I'll need to play with to improve on.

EQ Stitch came with a few instruction videos.


I have been without my embroidery machine for a couple of weeks while it was out for servicing.  I just got it back and was happy to use it again.  First up was a tote bag for one of my DDs.

Embroidering on a canvas tote bag.

This great bag came from Five Below

I had the canvas tote bag in my stash.  It originally came from the Five Below store with the embroidery on the straps.  I used a matching red thread and chose the "Tagged" font for the name.  I turned the tote bag inside-out, and hooped Hydro-stick stabilizer.  This water-activated sticky stabilizer forms a strong adhesive, so I don't like to use it on towels or other lofty fabric.  It works well with this canvas material.   Even though it is a tear-away, I tend to cut-away this stabilizer for a neater look as it doesn't tear that easily.  A temporary basting stitch was done first before stitching the name.


I embroidered a lunch tote for my friend Kathleen.  I promised her I would do one that turned out better than my trial on the thick-tote material with the open-font Zenspirations.  The font I used this time is called "Wiggle".  These insulated lunch totes came from the Five Below store too.

Thought I would show a bit about how I get some embroidery to my sewing machine...

First, I type what I want using Brother's Embroidery Lettering Software.  I connect my computer to my machine via a USB cable.  I could also use a USB flash stick, but the cable is quicker.  My machine shows up on my computer as a drive that I can just drag and drop embroidery files onto.

My computer connected via USB cable to my sewing machine to transfer the embroidery.

I used Floriani's Perfect Stick tear-away in the hoop.

After stitching, this stabilizer easily tears away from the back of the embroidery.

I love the little happy face that pops up on my machine's screen when the embroidery is complete.
A solid (non-open) font works well with the thick insulated material.

Monday is Funday, and I've got some FMQ planned.  Looking forward to it!

Happy Stitching!!


  1. The typeface for the lunch bag is nice, it sort of goes with Kathleen's name if you see what I mean. I'm sure she loves it,

  2. What amazing kit you have! Both of your makes look wonderful x

  3. The fantasy birds and the golden tapestry both look wonderful. I wonder how long they will take to complete. I am really impressed with your machines. The end result looks great on both bags.
    Ali x

  4. Wow that tapestry looks very intricate but will be amazing when completed. Thanks for sharing how you machine embroidery. I had no idea how clever it all is.

  5. My, oh my! I would love to have an embroidery machine. Your work is so nice!

  6. Cute tote! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!



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