Locks of Love

Had to share...  I'm so proud of my DD2.  She recently cut off her long beautiful blonde hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

If you are not familiar with this organization, they provide hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss.  It is a wonderful organization.

DD2 has never had her hair cut short before, so this was a really big deal in our family.  She was blessed with this beautiful silky blonde hair as a toddler, so we just let it grow.  We would get her hair trimmed to keep it neat, but never cut short.

There it goes!


At first, DH was not in favor of cutting her hair, but this is something she really wanted to do.    Her hair will always grow back if she wants it long again.

Her new do.  
Donating her hair made her feel so good inside!  She even took some of her own savings and sent it in along with her hair.

Life is still good!

Have a great day!


  1. This SO made me smile. When my daughter was around the same age she wanted to cut her long hair and her Dad was all 'NO NO it's so BEAUTIFUL!' I told them both that HER hair was HER hair and she could do what she wanted. She had it cut to chin length and donated the 'clippings'. THAT lasted about a year until she decided she didn't like getting her hair cut all the time. She's in college now and her hair is down to her waist. I'm sending her to your site!!!

  2. What a beautiful selfless act, and that from a little girl! We can learn a thing or two from HER I'm sure ♥

  3. Your daughter is very sweet and generous. She is also beautiful. I'm sure you are very proud of her.

  4. Wow! what a generous heart your darling daughter #2 has! Such a worthwhile reason to sacrifice that beautiful blond hair. We're all proud of her. Says a lot for her upbringing.

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  5. We have a niece and a nephew who both did this, I think it's really nice. Love her new haircut, she looks like a little beauty queen. :)

  6. Very Cool. I do that same thing every couple of years and I sometimes put a note in the bag that says "In Honor of" and put a friends name you is a survivor or for a couple of close friends who lost their battle.
    Locks of Love sends me 2 post cards back. One for me and one for the friend I honored or the family
    The new haircut is very becoming! What a cutie


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