Stitching with a Friend

My friend Kathleen was over yesterday for our weekly Funday.  We got to sit side-by-side in my sewing room this week as she brought me a quilt to quilt, and she worked on a vest.

She has pretty fabrics in her quilt top, and has sewed a checker-board quilt backing.

Her first attempt at making a clothing item - a vest for her DS.

I haven't finished quilting her top yet, but hope to get back in my sewing room later this week.

I'm loving our milder weather!

This robin bird likes our windows as much as the cardinals did,

I made a commitment recently to "Move More and Eat Smarter".  I'm tracking my activity as well since this hobby of ours involves sitting most of the time.  :-)   I do belong to a gym, and plan to find my way back there next week....  I'm walking every day and just wanted to share a photo from this week.

Puppy enjoying our morning walk along the Potomac River.
This is a quiet neighborhood trail, so he can enjoy some off-leash time as well.
The state of Maryland is across the river on the left, we're on the Virginia side.

Our puppy Shadow has grown!  He is almost six months old and weighs in at 19.1 pounds.  When we got him at Christmas, he was two months old and 4.5 pounds.  :-)

He has tried before to jump into the front seat (from the back) while I drive, and this morning he was finally successful at getting there.  Think he is spoiled already???

He just wants to make it easier for me to pet him while I drive.

Happy Stitching!!


  1. Love the robin in the window. What fun to share a day with a quilting friend. Enjoy your walks.

  2. Your friend made a very nice vest, and I really like the fabrics in the quilt. That's a pretty scene you have for your walks, and such a cute puppy!

  3. Great sewing. Love the vest. The river walk looks very pretty. A lovely place to walk. Your puppy is cute

  4. Shadow is gorgeous! The quilt has very pretty colors and your friends vest turned out great!

  5. He is absolutely adorable, I love shelties. The scenery is beautiful, wish I could walk there.

  6. Love the quilt! I wish we had scenery like that down here where we live it looks so peaceful and relaxing.

  7. How fun that you and your friend got to sew together. Love the colours in her quilt.


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