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This week has been incredibly busy with home happenings. No time to sit and stitch at all. It is just the way it is sometimes, right? This week was DS last Cub Scout meeting for the school year, so I wanted to give his Den leader a little something for the work she does with the boys all year.

I found some cute quilted duffle bags at Five Below and thought they would make nice little gifts with monogramming. I got one done with just a little time to spare before the meeting. His den leader really likes it!

This embroidery is the Aidan font using Brother's BES Embroidery Software

I've had limited time at the computer this week, I'm entering this post from the iPhone app, while I wait at the allergist for DD2. We'll be outside camping with the Girl Scouts this weekend, and her allergies can make it unbearable for her. Good times. :)

Have a great weekend. Hope you get some crafting done!

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  1. So cute! I hav a sister that would love this, too! She's so in to embroidered things. Have a great time camping!


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