In the Hoop Sewing Tote for Fabric Challenge

My neighborhood group of our Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Sewing Guild had a fabric challenge recently.  We were each given a 12" block of fabric with the ASG logo embroidered on it.  The fabric challenge was simple:  Make something using it and bring it back for show-n-tell.

Our fabric block with ASG logo for a challenge.

I chose to make the in-the-hoop Crazy for Sewing Tote by Sweet Pea Embroidery Designs.

In-the-Hoop design from Sweet Pea.

I bought this tote design because I really liked the sewing motif border it has going along the top of the bag.  I didn't really care for the crazy-faced sewing lady.  

I followed the detailed instructions from Sweet Pea. I kept the sewing-motif at the top border, but  chose different sewing-themed designs to decorate my tote.

Embroidery designs used on this tote were all from Embroidery Library

The tote is made of six panels, each stitched in the hoop and then sewn together at the sewing machine.  Three panels for each side, including one panel with a zipper pocket. There is even a strap to attach your favorite sewing tool.  I added two of those straps.  ðŸ˜„

I used the ASG fabric panel on one of the center panels for the tote.

I added my own choice of embroidery designs to each panel.
A zipper panel being stitched.
The sewing motif border panels were also done in the hoop.  There are four panels stitched in one hooping.
Front panels completed.
Back panels completed.
Personally, I like my tote bags to be soft, but sturdy enough to stand on their own.  There is batting in the panels, but I also added Pellon FF-77 Flex Foam (found at my local JoAnn store).  I added the foam to the back of the front, back and bottom panels after they were sewn together at the machine.  The bulk was trimmed out of the seams for ease in sewing.

Adding Pellon FF-77 Flex Foam to panels.
Front and Back Panels ready.
After the front and back panels are attached, the lining is added right-sides together to the outside of the bag.   The bag is turned out through an opening in the bottom, then stitched closed.
Lining ready to stitch on.

The bag is done!  Front of the bag is at the top of this post.  This is the back of the bag, although either side can be considered the front or the back.

The other side of the bag.
I love this bag.  I also love how it is thick, soft and sturdy.  

So what did someone else in our group make with this fabric challenge?  Sew cute!
Wall hanging with the fabric challenge.  ❤️
And what is the next challenge for the group?  We were given doll blanks.  Need to decorate or do something with it.  Hmmm.  Have to think about that one.
Blank doll for the next guild challenge.

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Happy Stitching!


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