Create Free Monograms for ScanNCut & Gifts by my 5th Grader

I wanted to share how easy (and free!) it is to create monogram designs that you can cut on your ScanNCut and show you how my daughter used the ScanNCut to create her Teacher Appreciation gifts.

Teacher gifts made by my 5th grader.

My youngest has a bit of craftiness to her!  She wanted to make her own gifts for her teacher this year after seeing the garden flags I made using the ScanNCut recently.  We decided on a tee shirt and a tote bag.  

One of her teacher's favorite colors is burnt-orange, as in fall season orange.  Off to our local Michael's, where we found just what we needed, along with some Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl in white and black.
Our finds at Michael's.
We did the tote bag together.  We created the circle monogram for FREE.


Here is how to create a monogram design on your iPhone:
- Use the Monogram It app on my iPhone.  This app is great for creating monograms and names in script fonts.   There is also free version: Monogram It Lite.  
- Type in the teacher's initials.
- Select the circle font.
Easy Peasy.  Save to camera roll.

Now you have your monogram design, send it to your workspace.  

- Still on your phone, open Canvas Workspace in a web browser. Login.

- Select the New Project icon.
Create a new project.
- Select the Menu Bar, then Project, then the import shape icon.
Import the design.
- Select "Choose File" and select your saved monogram from your phone's camera roll.  The image will preview.
- Lightly select the red frame around the image to move it closer to the letters.
- Select Tracing Options to Color.  Select Max number of colors to 2.    
Import options.
- Select OK. Select Yes to Confirm the paste.

- If the design is not centered, then select the letter(s) and move to center.

- Use your finger to select all entire design (touch above the design and drag to select all the shapes).
- Select the Menu Bar, then Edit, then Group to group the letters into one design.

- Select the Menu Bar, then Edit, then Flip (vertical) to reverse the letter to cut on heat-transfer-vinyl.

Your design is done.  Select to drag and drop to desired size.  

Just like how the garden flags were done, use the ScanNCut to transfer the design to the machine, cut, peel and iron.

My daughter did the Tee-shirt herself.  

The Teacher Definition design is available on Etsy from Glitter Moonshine.

- Similar to how we imported the monogram above, she create a new project and imported the teacher design file.
- She reversed the image in the workspace..
- She sent to the machine and watched it cut.
Watching her design cut.
- After the design was cut, she weeded out the unnecessary parts.  She enjoyed that part.
Weeding the design.
- She laid it on the shirt and ironed it onto place.

We love how the Siser Easy Weed iron on material is so soft and is not stiff on the shirt.

She was so happy with her gifts and couldn't wait to give them to her teacher!
Off to school!

Happy Stitching!

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