Happy National Sewing Machine Day!

Did you know today, June 13, is National Sewing Machine Day??  It is!  So, in honor of this special day, I thought I would go around my sewing room (and home) to show you my machines as they currently are.  I have a few, and would love to give each of them a little shout-out for making my hobby so enjoyable!

First up if my main machine, the Destiny II by Baby Lock.  I use this one for pretty much everything I do.  I'm actually sitting at it right now, working on a zipper bag for my daughter's friend who is graduating.   This machine looks topless at the moment as I'm working with three thread colors, and the white one needs a thread stand.  Love, LOVE this machine!

My Baby Lock Destiny II.  Working hard, late at night. :)

This machine is currently Baby Lock's top-of-the-line single-needle sewing/embroidery machine.  (Rumor has it that a new top-of-the-line will come out this fall.)  I've had my Destiny for almost two years now, and it is super nice.  This machine hums along and can do so much.  I upgraded to this machine for the large embroidery area that it has.  In a few weeks, I'll be flying out to St. Louis to Baby Lock headquarters to attend their 4-day Destiny Getaway training.  I cannot wait!   Four full-days of learning all about what this great machine can do.  I'll be sure to keep you posted. :-)


HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen
Behind me as I sit at my main machine, is my Sweet Sixteen by HandiQuilter.  This is a sit-down longarm quilting machine.  As you can probably guess by the name, it has a deep 16" of throat space to work with quilts. I bought this machine lightly-used second-hand, so that I can quilt my own quilt tops.  I really want to complete my quilts on my own from beginning to end.  I don't want to send my quilts out to a longarm quilter to finish. This machine will allow me finish a quilt myself, and it does not require a lot of space like a typical more-expensive stand-up quilting machine does.
You may notice that this machine isn't even threaded at the moment.  I have no quilts ready to quilt. 😟 My Sweet 16  is just waiting patiently for me to finish a quilt top for her to work on.


1952 Singer Featherweight Model 221
This pretty little one is my vintage Singer Featherweight Model 221.  She was born in 1952, which makes her 66 years old.  I only find time to take her out a couple times per year.  She stitches great and is wonderful for quilting.  And she is also very portable for travel sewing.  I found her on ebay, being sold for repair, so I restored her myself.  I really enjoyed doing the restoration work.  That is most satisfying.  I'm signed up for Nova Montgomery's Featherweight Maintenance class again this fall.  Nova is coming close to where I am in Leesburg, so it is a perfect opportunity for a refresher course on how to clean and maintain these great machines.


1916 Singer Red Eye Model 66
My Featherweight is not the oldest machine in the house.  In our foyer, I have a beautiful Singer Red-eye Model 66 treadle.  She was born in 1916, making her 102 years old!  I also found her on ebay, and restored her myself.  She sits in a beautiful cabinet, and also sews well.
Original treadle cabinet for the Singer 66.
I have used her to sew and quilt potholders for the family, so I know she still a workhorse.  I can only image the history of who has used her for the last 100+ years.  She doesn't really get used right now.  She just sits and looks pretty which is great at 102. ☺️


Brother XR7700
And away in a corner is my Brother XR-7700 sewing machine. I have traveled to class with this one, and my daughters use it as well for their sewing projects  It is a good little machine that I picked up at Costco.


That's my round up of sewing machines.  Although I have several, and they are all in good working order and can be used whenever the whim strikes!

Enjoy today and I hope you get a chance to use your sewing machine today too.

Happy Sewing Machine Day!

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  1. That is a collection of machines. Wish I had the Handi 16. and the Baby Lock embroidery machine.


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