ASG Retreat 2018 - The Last Supper

The last project I started at this past ASG retreat, was The Last Supper by Anita Goodesign.  I am doing the appliqué and embroidery version.  (There is also a printed-fabric version).   I didn't finish this project, of course, but I did get several blocks completed.
My work in progress.

There is so much embroidery in each block.  I am doing block size "C", which fits in a 6"x6" hoop.  Each block has about 30K to 45K stitches.  The appliqué is used primarily for support in much of the design, as there is so much embroidery on top, you may not even see or recognize the appliqué fabric underneath.

Check out the progress of a couple of the blocks from beginning of just appliqué to finishing with all the embroidery details.
Progress and finished detail of one block.
You cannot even see the pattern of the grey appliqué fabric under the embroidery.

Progress of another block from appliqué to embroidery on top.

My favorite block so far, of course.  Check out the detail in the embroidery.

I stitched late into the night at the retreat while working on this project.  One of the last to leave the room.
Late night stitching at the retreat.  Just a few stitchers still hard at work.

I will post progress pictures as this project comes along.

Happy Stitching!

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