Tablecloth Cross Stitch by Mom ❤️

About a year ago, I shared a post about my mother and some of the needlework she had completed.  Mom is 88 years old - going for 89 in a few months. This year she has completed a long forgotten  cross-stitch table cloth project.  I wanted to share her work again.

My beautiful mother with her work-in-progress table cloth. 

The pattern is #401921 by Bucilla "Old Fashioned Bouquet".  She never started it, so it technically is not a Un-Finished Object (UFO) project  But, I'm guessing she has had it around since the early 1980's.  She has been meaning to complete it all these years, and 2018 turned out to be the year to get it done.

I would visit her and often find her studying her pattern.

I picked up this Hoop & Floor Stand at our local Salvation Army for $5.  So she started her work using it.
Starting work using the large floor-standing hoop.

Eventually she found she preferred working with the smaller hand-held hoops over using the floor hoop.
Showing me her progress.

Had to make several trips to JoAnn's over time as she would need to replenish her embroidery floss.
Shopping at my favorite craft store!

Progress, progress, progress...

Details, details.  The final light green color added around the flowers created a trellis-look for her.

And she was done!!
Completed table cloth!
Yay, Mom!  🎉

How's that for a long-time unfinished project??   It feels good to get those projects done.  ☺️

Happy Stitching!

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