Spikers decorated using ScanNCut

I decided to try something new for our annual group beach trip this past summer.  Instead of embroidering something, I used my ScanNCut to decorate Spiker cups for everyone.

Spiker cup I decorated using my ScanNCut.

Someone told me about Spiker Cups.  They are handy to keep drinks, phones, and keys out of the sand.  I ordered enough for everyone in our group to have their own.  I decorated one side with the OBX 2018 design, and the other had a sea turtle with a monogram.
Spiker Cups for all!


- Spiker Cups (ordered mine in Cherry color)
- One 12"x12" sheet Oracle 651 adhesive vinyl in glossy white
- One 12"x12" sheet Oracle 651 adhesive vinyl in glossy black
- One 12"x12" sheet Oracle 651 adhesive vinyl in yellow
- One piece of clear transfer tape, cut larger than the largest cut design

Design & Cut Your Project Files

The monograms were created for FREE by using the phone app Monogram It.  I explain the process the using this app for your monograms in a previous post here.

The wording and Sun image design were created for FREE by using the Beach Type font at dafont.com.

I purchased the sea turtle design from LTCreativeStudio on Etsy for $1.50.

Use the FREE Brother CanvasWorkspace online site to design your decorations.

- Create a project for all of your black sea turtles on one page.  Size them to fit on the cup.
My project file for black vinyl cut.

- Create a project for your yellow monograms and sun.  Size the monograms so they fit inside the turtle's back.
My project file for yellow cut.

- Create a project for your white wording.  Size to fit on the cup.  I spaced the wording "OBX" and "2018" so that I could cut the two together as one unit to place on the cup.
My project file for white cut.

- Cut each project file on your ScanNCut and weed each sheet of vinyl.
Weeding the black vinyl from the project.
- Use scissors to cut apart each design for placement on your cup.

- Make a pile on your work desk for each type of design to be placed on a cup.
Work Desk Set up.

Place Your Cut Files

- Using the Transfer Tape, rub it across a cut design piece and slowly peel pick to pull the design away from the sheet backing.  

- Align your design the cup as you desire, and rub it smoothly onto it. 

- Slowly peel back the transfer tape to leave the cut design piece on your cup.

- Reuse the same transfer tape and repeat the above steps to transfer each design element.

Front and Back of a completed Spiker Cup

Happy Crafting!

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