Treadle Sewing

Spent plenty of time practicing on my treadle this week!  My first project for the treadle was to create some simple potholders.  My first one was a fail, but the second one was better after some adjustments.  I used my staycation day yesterday to quilt and sew a bunch more.

Some turned out better than others, but that is what practice is for.  They are all usable and that is what makes me happy.  They're ready to give away to any family member who wants a pair on Easter.

The thick layers were not the easiest to stitch evenly on the treadle, so I think I will keep it to straight piecing on this machine because it does that really well.

Potholders for treadle practice.  :-)

Our puppy found a comfy spot in the foyer and kept me company.  Love that!

Puppy has become an even bigger fluff ball.
I had to put some polish on the treadle cabinet after seeing this pic!

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a beautiful Singer treadle you have! A Singer treadle is on my someday list. Your potholders turned out really pretty.

  2. Love your machine and your potholders have turned out lovely!

  3. Oh my, I do love your Singer treadle machine and cabinet! Your potholders are wonderful gifts. Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Sylvia, thanks for the photos of the potholders and your treadle. Beauties all.
    I laughed in recognition of noticing things in photos which are seen so daily they are missed. Been there. Done that.
    All the best,
    Christina in Cleveland, Ohio

  5. Hi. I remember learning to sew at school on a machine just like that. I wish I had one now :)

  6. they all look lovely-your guests will love them

  7. Your potholders are pretty! I really like those birds. You sewing machine is beautiful with all the pretty colors.

  8. Pretty potholders and you created them with beauty of a machine!

    Our furry companions are never far from our feet are they;)

    Happy Easter!

  9. I love all your pot holders. The birds are gorgeous. The puppy is a cutie. The treadle machine is a nice piece but I am glad I have my modern machine.


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