Back to School - Tale of a Stalker Mom

Back to School 2012 - Starting 9th, 6th, 3rd, and Kindergarten.
Thought I would take a break from the sewing stuff for just a sec, and share a bit of my family.  I'm a SAHM of four great kids - three girls and one boy.  It is back to school time of year, and it is a big year for all three of our girls, as they are all starting new schools.  The oldest starts high school, the middle starts middle school, and our youngest is beginning kindergarten.

It was harder for me, than I thought it would be to put the youngest on her bus the first day of school.  She did great until the bus opened its doors to welcome her on.  Then she turned around to me, not wanting to go anymore.  I kept it positive and reassured her she was going to have fun,  but it tugged at my heart as I ushered her on to the bus.  The bus pulled away and I just thought, "There goes my last baby."   So what should I do then?  What any rational mom who is worried about her little girl would do...  I stalked her of course!  ☺  I gave the bus a little time to run its route, then I drove to the elementary school, and parked far away from the bus entrance so I wouldn't be seen.  I watched my little girl get off the bus and be cheerfuly greeted at the door by her new kindergarten teacher.  Nothing to worry about after all.  I think that first day of kindergarten was harder for me than it was for her!

Happy Face!
She is ready to go.

Cold feet.  

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