Sewing Room (1) Revisited

I love my sewing room!  It is a long and narrow (18' x 9.5'), sloped-ceiling, bonus room in our home, but it is mine.  My piece of the house where I can retreat.  I have some pics of my room on from a couple of years ago.  The pics have been getting attention again recently, and seeing those pictures of the room so clean and neat has motivated me to clean it up again.  Come inside and I'll show you around...

Vintage metal sign hung on the entry door.
I found this at JoAnn (my favorite shop!)

My long and narrow sewing room.  The entrance is in the center of the long wall.
This is a panoramic view from standing in the doorway.  Click on it to see it larger.

Last year I had reorganized the room from the initial set up.  The room was getting crowded and cluttered since I had added a knitting machine station, another sewing machine, and made one wall a design wall.

Now I  can work with the table from all sides.  I love that!
The design wall is a large piece of felt secured along the top with a few staples from a staple gun.
The door with the scissors is a small walk-in closet.
The small table near the windows is for the younger kids.  

The biggest change was that the cutting table was pulled out of the low corner of the room and put in the middle so that it is accessible from all four sides.   There is a table-size iron pad under the cutting mat, so I have easy access to a large ironing table when needed too.

The open dresser was once a baby dresser and changing station.  It is now used for a small iron station and lots of storage.  The door with the mirror is the entry door.  The button wall decors came from the JoAnn store.

A couple of bar stools are tucked under the cutting table, on either side.  That way, when a friend comes over to sew, or when my daughters want to do some crafting, they have a seat available and space to work.  The kids also like to bring their homework (older kids) or toys (younger kids) and set them up on the table as well.

This dresser used to be in the kids' nursery.  It is now for storage and embroidery thread.
Our pet, Lucky, is always nearby too.

I have a knitting machine station set up in the corner.  I haven't gotten past knitting that one skien of yarn yet.  It is another UFO waiting patiently for me to complete.

My work set up.  Sewing, embroidery and computer all within reach.  How nice!
The S-E-W letters are paper mache from JoAnn.  I covered them with fabric and used Mod Podge to secure it.

My view most of the time.  Click on it to see it larger.
The entry door with the mirror is usually open, it's just closed for this photo to keep the kids out for a second.
My youngest was already waiting outside the door when I opened it.  :-)

Thought I would get some pictures of the room while it is all clean before I get back to sewing and make it look worked-in again.

The storage closet.

Thank you for coming to my sewing room!  Hope you have some time to enjoy your crafting this week too.


  1. HI! Just found your blog over at Sew Many Ways linky party. Your work is beautiful and the room is great to create in. I'm your newest follower!

    1. Hi Judy!
      Thank you for visiting and following! I checked out your blog too and love what you are doing too!

  2. Your sewing room is really cute... what a bonus room that is :) Your creations are beautiful xNx

  3. How fun to have a sewing room for yourself. Mozilla blocked some of your pictures but I'll be back when internet explorer has the web site updated. I saved it to my favorites as I want to see the rest of the room! I'm in the process of finishing my new sewing room (daughter got married) and I'll be posting it when I'm done. I have the big blue button and I've been kicking myself for not buying more at the time.

    1. I'd love to see your sewing room when it is finished!

    2. You'll have to scroll down past the one that my friend Susan and others wanted details on stuff for to see the actual room. It's all packed up now while my daughter's family lives with us until the first part of February. I can hardly wait to get back to work in it! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I cam back to look at your room again! I just love sewing rooms!

    3. I loved your room! So organized and such fun decor! I'm sure you'll be excited when you can set it up again. I love looking at sewing rooms too! :-)

  4. I'm back on internet explorer. I have those scissors too! How fun to be able to use all sides of your cutting table. I have to work around a bed so I don't have much room to spare in my new sewing room. Great job!

  5. found your blog on sew many ways. It is really cute and I love your sewing room. I was wondering if you made your "SEW" letters? I am now following you.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

    1. HI Cath! Thanks for coming over. I'm following your blog too! I did cover the SEW letters. I picked them up at a local craft store. They are made out of paper mache. I covered them with fabric and secured it with Mod Podge on the back. Hope this helps!

  6. Good Morning Sylvia, Came over from Sew Many Ways.
    Beautiful room to create in.
    Drop by and check out my studio. Have a nice day!

  7. Love your nice size quilting studio. My hubby calls mine the "Women's Cave."


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