High Ropes and Girl Scouts

No sewing yet this weekend.   My co-leader and I took our troop to Camp Highroad for some encampment fun.  1,500 girls from across our county participated.  It was a hot day with a lot of walking across this very large piece of land to get back and forth for our activities.  Not to mention the tremendous amount of stink bugs that are on this property.  The highlight of the day definitely had to be the High Ropes.
My14YO on the tight rope.
I was nervous just watching our girls be brave and tackle this high-rise course.  They all did great and enjoyed it so much they tackled it more than once.
My 11YO getting on the swinging log.

Our girls had so much fun!  Would definitely recommend this campground to others.

My 11yo daughter tackling the high-rise ropes.

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