No-Sew Fleece Fun

It was a rainy weekend - perfect for doing some projects that have been waiting to get done.

I helped my daughter with her no-sew fleece pet bed blankets.  She created a bunch as part of her Girl Scout troop's Bronze Award project to help our local animal shelter.  We followed the instructions for the blankets from Maddie's Blankets website.  We did make our pet blankets a bit larger than the instructions indicated, just because we liked them that way.  There will be some comfy pets at the shelter now. ☺
DD and her pile of comfy cozy no-sew fleece pet bed blankets.

The Fringe Cut Ruler by June Tailor was awesome to use!!  
My son and youngest daughter have been waiting for their no-sew blankets too.  We had picked these up at a while ago when they were on sale at JoAnn.  They were bigger in size than I expected, but I used a new ruler, and it made the cutting a quick breeze to do.  I love the Fleece Fringe Cut slotted ruler by June Tailor.  The markings on the ruler are clear, and can cover a 12" section of fleece with each placement.  I had picked up this ruler at G Street Fabrics with a Groupon coupon I had.

I also have a June Tailor "Fringe in a Flash" multi-blade rotary cutter, but I much prefer using this Fringe Cut ruler and a single blade cutter.

Here are my youngest two enjoying their new blankets!  No-Sew Fun!

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