Mylar Embroidery - How to

At the sewing retreat last weekend, I embroidered a tablecloth using a mylar embroidery technique.  This is a relatively new technique in the embroidery field.  Mylar is essentially an iridescent film often used for gift-wrap.  Embroidery designs which are intended to be used with mylar have a light, open fill so that the light will pick up the reflection of the film.   It is hard to see in the photos, but the final look is really very pretty. You get a shimmer like metallic thread, but no headaches like using metallic thread may bring.
One half of the table runner.

The other half of the table runner.

Close up of one of the bird.

Another close-up of a birdie.

Extreme close-up!
How to Embroider on Mylar:
  • Choose an open design or one specifically intended for use with mylar.
  • Float the mylar on top of the design area.   Machine-baste, or temporarily tape down edges of the mylar.  
  • Stitch design as usual.
  • Gently pull away mylar from the perimeter of the design.  You may need tweezers to remove pieces in corner areas.  
That's it!

Materials I used for this project:
Be careful when choosing your mylar.  Be sure it is the kind that is washable and may be used in the dryer (at low temp).  Many types of craft mylar is not suitable for embroidery.

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