I've got a crafty one!!

There are only a few friends that I know around here who take an interest in sewing or sewing-related crafts.   I know I didn't take an active interest in sewing until I was older, so I'm delighted that my 11 year old is showing an interest now!

She saw a large split-rail quilt hanging on display in the classroom at our local JoAnn store.  She decided she wanted to make one like it by herself to give as a gift.   She picked out similar fabrics, and I guided her on how she should sew it together.  She has sewn a couple items in a JoAnn's Kid Camp previously, so she is comfortable with using a sewing machine.
There she is sewing her first quilt!
I love how her shirt goes with her quilt's Americana theme!

Here she is with her finished quilt top.
Check out her  quilt top!  Can you tell she's happy?

It went off to the long-arm quilter, Nancine, who did an allover quilt design of stars and loops.  It looks great!
On the design wall with the strips that will be used for the binding laid around it.

Now she just needs to bind it, and she'll be all done. She's a crafty one and I'm a happy mama!  


  1. There is a special delight when we as mothers, can nurture creativity in our daughters, and enjoy some of the same artistic activities! A beautiful girl, lucky her Mama shares her talents. Lucky Mama whose daughter is interested in her Mama's activities!

  2. It's beautiful, and she did a great job!

    1. Thanks Michelle. She is very happy with it and can't wait to give it for a Christmas gift.

  3. OMG! It´s so great! I have never ever seen any kids, who sews quilts with 11 :)) You are really a happy mama! I´m a beginner and I wish I could have make such a good things :)) I have to show it to my 9 years old daughter tomorrow. And good luck to your daughter with a quilt!

    1. Thank you Julia! So glad you found my blog. My 11 DD dos enjoy being crafty. We've found that she is like her momma and doesn't like doing the quilt bindings either. LOL Thanks for following!


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