Sewing Guild Retreat 2012!

Last weekend was my first time attending a sewing retreat.  Our local Northern Virginia chapter of the American Sewing Guild hosted a Taste of Retreat.  I was on the planning committee, so I definitely had to go - especially since it was being held locally here in Leesburg, VA!  I went home to sleep at night and check on the family, and was able to spend the day-time there at the hotel.

My work station.

It was a great way to spend three days doing nothing but a hobby with other ladies who enjoy the same.  There were some who enjoyed fashion sewing, others doing embroidery and others working on quilts.  It was fun to see their creations and show off what you've worked on as well.

I will post photos soon of what I worked on while here.  Definitely will want to go to one of these retreats again.  

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