A White Christmas and our Puppy

A just downloaded some pics from DH's camera, and came across this one from Christmas morning.  It rarely snows on Christmas around here, so it was extra special that morning.   Just wanted to share.
View out across our back on Christmas morning.

Also, can't pass up an opportunity to share our growing puppy!!!  We've had Shadow for two weeks, and he's put on a third of his weight.  He is still a light 6 pounds, but he's definitely getting longer.  Still small and cute as can be!

He found that little paper wedge under the furniture leg and had to chew at it.

I had forgotten how much puppies like to chew.  Shoes and slippers seem to be his favorite steals.  Probably because they are easy to find lying around by the door.


Tired puppy.  Look at those little toes!


  1. This looks beautiful! Wish we had gotten some of that down here in Henderson, NC!

  2. I soooo love this puppy.


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