Web Fabrics Blocks of the Month 2013

It's been busy for me this past week, but today was Fun Day with my friend Kathleen.  We've decided to participate in Web Fabrics 2013 Block of the Month events this year.  They are offering 2 or 3 blocks each month this year for a total of 30 blocks by the end of the year.  This BOM project is very non-commitmital.  Do as much or as little as you like.  Each block kit is only a few dollars, and includes fabrics and instruction. The quilt is to be a "Organized Scrappy" style.  You can read more about their BOM here.  Block 1 is by Aneela Hoey.

My Block 1 for Web Fabrics January 2013 BOM
There are two color ways - traditional and modern.  Both Kathleen and I choose traditional kits for our first three blocks for the month of January.  Since Web Fabrics is a local store for us, we will have to stop by on the first Fun Day of the month for the best selection of kits.  That may interfere with our current first Fun Day of the month plans (lunch & pedi).  But lunch and fabric isn't so bad either.  :-)

This first block has dark, medium and light tone fabrics.

Corner squares of the block.
Kathleen's block is on the left.

Sewing a corner square on my Singer.

My block before sewing together.

Kathleen's block before sewing together.

Web Fabrics three January BOM samples (modern color way)

We'll work on our Blocks 2 (by Minick & Simpson) & 3 (by American Jane) on our own later this week.

Happy Stitching!

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