Do You EQ?

I purchased The Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) software over a year ago, and have yet to use it.  I remember it was being offered at a really good price that I could not resist at the time.  It seems like there is a big following for this software, although I personally don't know anyone who has it.  Do you EQ or know anyone who does?

I would really love to be proficient with using this package. One of my personal goals for 2013 is to get to know this software and make a project using it.  To get me started, I've signed up for an EQ7 Sampler class online at Quilt  Classes begin tomorrow evening.  Wish me luck!

I just learned about "FNWF" Friday Night With Friends.  I signed up for this one as I plan on EQing it tomorrow night.  Come and join in too! :-)

Happy Stitching!


  1. I'll be anxious to hear how the class goes and if you like the program. I want to try it and I had looked at the class on Quilt University. Have fun!

  2. Sylvia,
    I purchased EQ7 when it first became available. I have only played with it a little bit here and there, not enough to really know much about it. Over Christmas, when I was away from home and could not do any sewing at all, I got my sewing fix via the internet. As a result, I found and joined a Yahoo group for learning EQ7:
    Right now, I am participating in Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt Along. Once I complete the quilt top, I hope to participate on the EQ7 Yahoo group.
    ~June in AZ

  3. So funny I should find your blog through Sew Many Ways this morning... I was just looking at EQ7 on the web a few minutes ago and I am really tempted. One of my goals this year is to try and design my own quilts so I will be interested to read what you think of the softwarw after you've had the opportunity to use it a bit more.

    1. Hi Izzy! So glad you found me. I will definitely post on EQ as I go through the class. I checked out your blog, and am impressed with all the projects you find time to do. I am your newest follower.
      Have a great weekend!

  4. I've wanted to buy this and would love to read how you feel about what you learn in this class. I need a new computer before I buy it though :(

  5. I just LOVE my EQ!! I use it all the time and design everything I make. It became a whole new hobby on itself!! Really, if you are not afraid of computers and love quilting, you really should start using it. I still have EQ6, saving up for the 7 upgrade. I can go for hours on end playing with designs, fabrics, new blocks. GO and EQ!!!!

  6. I have EQ7 and Love Love Love it. I'm basically an appliquer and do all my designs on another program but I just import the picture of my applique and finish designing the quilt in EQ7. I've had several remarks on my pieced borders enhancing my work from quilt judges and friends.

  7. I have EQ7 and want to start to play with it soon. I was given it in Oct as a b'day gift and haven't opened it yet... but will do so now with your encouragement. Just need to find the :)

  8. Came over from FnwF. I too have EQ and have had for almost a year. Haven't dome much with and it's been weighing on my mind to get going with it.

  9. I have designed a couple of quilts in EQ to make plus I head up a Bee for Learning how the use EQ. I have 2-3 folks faily proficent in it so they tend to teach the Bee or we all work together to figure it out.
    It will be very handy when I have more time to quilt. I put the program on my laptop so I can carry it to Bee or where ever.
    They have great tutorials on the software and one of the manuals I bought and of course you can go on Electric Quilt website and find some more tutorials. Also check out she always has some tutorial or talks about using EQ.
    Good Luck


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