To Germany, with Love

If you've been here before, you may remember my post on my 11-year old making her first quilt here.

Last month we did a label for her quilt and she sent it off to her cousin in Germany for Christmas.  He had previously sent her a birthday gift including a scarf he had made, so she had wanted to make something for him also.

It arrived a little late for Christmas, but it made the trip safe and sound.  We saw a photo of her cousin with the quilt, and I thought I would put it next to a similar photo I have of my girl.  I love the side-by-side result.  :-)

My 11-year old in Virginia with her quilt top and her cousin in Germany with the finished version.

My girl was so happy to make her first quilt and give it as a gift.  It made her day to see her far-away cousin holding it up.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh how I love it when a new sexist is born. It is such a wonderful thing to teach a young child to sew and they love it. I taught all six of my grandchildren girls and boys to sew and the oldest now is in fashion designing at University.

    1. How fun to have a grandchild in fashion design! I'm sure you've taught your grandchildren well! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. They both look so happy!! Great Memories for them both. Love her Quilt she did a wonderful job on it!!

  3. What wonderful photos and I think the quilt was a winner! Thanks for sharing.
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