FNSWF Results - Yes, I do EQ!

I spent several hours with EQ7 at Friday Night with Friends.  That also led to spending plenty of time with it on Saturday too.  This EQ7 Sampler class at QuiltUniversity.com seems to have been just what I needed to get me started.   Check out these first nine blocks that I've created for my sampler project...
Indiana Puzzle

Prior to this weekend, all I had done with EQ is install it, and verify that it starts up on my Mac (using a Windows emulator).  It's not like I don't know how to figure software out, I just don't consider myelf an expert quilter, and wasn't sure where to begin with this package.

8-Pointed Star Variation (3x3)

I used the Stonehenge by Northcott collection of fabrics for my blocks shown from this lesson.  I chose a soft color palette of pinks, greens and grey/black.

Dutchman's Puzzle

Since I hadn't used the software previously, I didn't realize the amount of fabric that is included with the software.  There are more fabrics online that can be downloaded too.   The DoYouEQ website has free monthly downloads, and you can also import various manufacturer fabrics into EQ7 by following the instructions on the EQ7 support page.

Martha Washington's Star Variation (4x4)

I assume you can scan and import your own fabrics into EQ7 - but that is probably for a future lesson topic.  :-)

Propeller (5x5)

EQ7 does come with many help videos and tutorial plans. I watched several of the videos first, before going into the lesson plan.  I found that to be helpful because I had already seen some of the items visually on the video that were being described in the printed class materials.

Sister's Choice (5x5)

Lesson 1 focus is on the Blocks:  creating, designing, analyzing and editing.  It teaches how to edit the block grid (3x3, 4x4, etc...), piece layout and color variations.  I love how you can save all different coloring options for a block.  So far, I completed the main part of the first lesson.  There is a Bonus section that I will work on later this week.

Old Snowflake Variation (3x3)

New lessons come out on Friday evenings for the next several weeks.

Mosaic Variation (4x4)

The first part of the lesson was very much of a recipe-style. The instructions told you where to click and exactly what to do in order to complete the task.   This wasn't hard, but it was beneficial because it had me checking options and buttons that I probably wouldn't have looked at on my own.  The latter part of the lesson had me using what was just taught to experiment, create and modify my own blocks.

Strip Star

I definitely like this software.  Even my kids were watching me play with it and they said it was cool.  :-)  More EQ updates to come...

Happy Stitching!!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Love the blocks. Thank you for sharing. I am enjoying your journey with this software.

    1. Hi Carla. I is fun so far. This software seems like it can do so much, and I've onlyt touch the blocks so far. :-) Have a great week.

  2. Your EQ blocks look so good. I dont have EQ but it looks like such good software.

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I'm a little embarrassed that it has taken me so long to sit and work with this software. It is fun though! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I am loving your posts Sylvia! Maybe I can convince my sweetie to get this for me for Valentine's Day! :-)

    1. Izzy, your comment made my night! I think it would be a perfect gift for you for Valentine's Day. :-)

  4. Oh my! Now I want this even more. What fun and just imagine the amazing things you're going to create with it! You won't have to buy near so many patterns either.

  5. Great blocks and you'll really enjoy playing.....I mean working with EQ7/1 Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  6. I have EQ something-or-other that I use once in a while. It can be quite useful. Great looking blocks! Have fun!

  7. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for nice compliment and for following! I've checked your site and am impressed with the amount of work that you do! I'm a follower too. Have a great day!

  8. I took that class last year and learned a lot. Your blocks are beautiful. The colors just make them stand out.

    1. HI Stella. I just finished the first less and bonus section. It's been fun so far.
      Thank you for stopping by! Please visit again. :-)


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