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I'm just getting started with the online EQ7 class at Quilt University.  Before I even got into the lessons, there was useful information being posted on the classroom discussion boards.

I thought I would share this post by the instructor, Fran.  She has a list of free EQ resources available online to everyone.  It is nice to have all the resources listed in one spot.

Subject: Lagniappe: EQ’s website is a valuable resource! 
Posted By: Fran the Teacher
Date: Sat Jan 05

The Electric Quilt website is an excellent resource that is filled with free information and downloads:  

Go here for information about EQ user groups:


You will find the EQ Blog here:


Help yourselves to the freebies on the EQ Co. Downloads page, including the Free Fabrics of the Month!


If you have any problems downloading these fabrics, please contact EQ’s Tech Support through the Tech Support link near the end of this posting.

Here is the link to my two EQ Mystery Quilts, Skylights and EQuinox! Recreating these designs in EQ will give you valuable experience with the program.



There are also instructions for designing quilts based on the Benni Harper mystery series by Earlene Fowler.


Also see the EQ Forums:


For Tech Support, go here:


For product support, see:


Besides the above resources, my online friend, June, told me about the EQ Yahoo! Group

And, if you are like me, and use a Mac, there is even a Yahoo! Group for Using EQ on a Mac.

I run a Windows virtualization software on my Mac  to run Windows applications like EQ7.

Happy Stitching!!

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