Funday Monday Linky Party 7

WELCOME to our seventh Funday Monday of 2013!

For the first Funday of the month, my friend Kathleen and I used to do lunch and a pedi.  Since we're both dieting now, and can't afford the calories of eating out, we're skipping the lunch out in favor of going to visit our local quilt shop, Web Fabrics.  We'll pick up the blocks of the month for March, for which there are three blocks.

A visit to our LQS, plus a pedicure sounds like a very Fun day for me - even though it may not be very blog-worthy.  I do plan on visiting the new local quilting group called Queen Bee tonight.  I hope to have a post to share from it tomorrow.  I also hope you are enjoying something fun this week too.  Please link up and share what you've been up to.

Little Funday Monday History...
This past fall, my friend Kathleen (I mention her a lot on this blog) and I made a commitment to get together once a week for crafting.  We chose Mondays to be our day to craft, and we call them "Funday Mondays".    It makes Mondays much more fun, don't you think??

I always have more fun when I stitch with a friend, so I thought I would have a linky party so we can have everyone join for a group Funday.

Please join in and share a link to your post of what's new with you.  Anything family-friendly would be great!  I just ask that you link to a specific post in your blog (not your whole blog).

This party is open Monday - Friday this week, so that gives us plenty of time to come back and share.

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  1. Hi Sylvia, your blog is lovely! Found your blog while I was searching for a cross stitch site:)


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