New Queen Bee Quilting Club

I tried out a new local quilting group this week.  I've wanted to go to the local quilting guild, but it happens to meet once a month, at the exact same time as the local sewing guild group that I belong to.  I haven't been able to visit my sewing group either since this school year has started.  The meeting time just doesn't work with my children's school schedule this year.

The new group is called the Queen Bee Quilting Club.  It is not a guild, and there is no membership or annual fee to join.  Just $1 when you come to offset the cost of utilities.

Good news is that this new quilt group meets on Monday evenings.  I thought the evening time will be something I am able to do.
Bad news is that is that the traffic is heavy on this 2-lane road that takes you to the group location.  This road takes people home to Maryland and West Virginia in the evening rush hour.  Definitely not a joy to see a line of brake lights all the way up the dark road.  Since I already get together on Mondays during the day with my friend, I probably will not attend this group every week on Monday evenings, but I could come once per month.   The drive may not seem so bad once the Daylight Savings time kicks in and it remains lighter later in the evenings.

My evening rush-hour ride to the quilting group

Although later than I hoped, I made it to the quilting group, which meets at an activity barn on the Guthrie property that is home to Joshua's Hands.

Here we are when I got there..  I think there were 11 ladies total that evening.

Electric outlets are along the ceiling beams of this Activities Barn.
At least there were no cords to trip on.  :-)

I brought my block #5 to do from WebFabric's BOM for February.  Since I arrived late, or maybe because I was talking too much, but by the time I was done with all my cutting of the almost 50 little pieces, it was almost to the time I thought I would be leaving.  I stayed a little longer and got one little bowtie piece done.

Not much progress to show for the night, but I did enjoy the group, meeting new friends and chatting with others who enjoy quilting too!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have the same problem with our local quilt guild, timing. Maybe some day it will work out! Enjoy your time with your new friends. I've started sewing a few small things and am so anxious to start my Swoon quilt. I think we'll have a wedding this fall (my son) so it may get sidelined again but hopefully soon! My daughter is putting another offer on a house this weekend so maybe I'll have my full sewing room back in a few weeks. How's the EQ coming along? I may have to invest in this.

  2. I think it is always a challenge to find a group that is not too far away to drive to and you enjoy the people too.
    I live pretty secluded here and everything I might like to try out is just too far away. blogging is my new avenue for meeting new friends and being inspired by.


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