Quiltopoly Anyone??

Monday of our Spring Break staycation:  Light snow mixed with cold rain.  Not quite the spring weather I was hoping for.  Good day to stay inside.

Our puppy is 5 months old.

View from my sewing room window.

DD2 comes in my room and starts setting up a game she knows I will always play with her:  Quiltopoly.

Please Mom???  How can I resist?

I thought you might enjoy seeing this game too.  It's a fun one for quilty-minded folks.  Just like the regular Monopoly game, you go around the board collecting properties - which in this case are block patterns.  When you collect a color set, you can purchase quilting studios and shops (compared to houses and hotels in the original game).

Playing pieces:  sewing machine, seam ripper, scissors, rotary cutter, tape measure, bobbin

All set up and ready to play.

Start Quilting!

One of the Fabric Stash / Go Shopping cards

My daughter happily beat me at our round of play.

Maybe next time she'll pull out my other -opoly game:  Stitchopoly!  This one is all needlework related.

I've cut out a bunch of squares to make potholders on my treadle.  Can't wait to try it next.

Happy Stitching!!


  1. What a cool game! The weather isn't much better here, I am ready for spring!

  2. What a great game - i've never seen that before! Although we have no snow left on the ground here in southern UK it is still trying to snow, where is spring? :o)

  3. What a cute version of Monopoly! I love the game pieces. And I know several people who would like a copy of that game. :-) P.S. Board games are SO good for kids!

  4. That is my kind of "opoly" game. Wow, the snow is incredible. I am desperately waiting for winter to arrive here in Queensland. We have another bout of hot, and no doubt humid, weather heading our way for Easter. Oh yummy, melted chocolate easter hunt! I am not trying to make you jealous.....you are welcome to it if I can have your snow. :)
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. oh fun-thanks for sharing those games did not know about those-

  6. OMG! I want this game! It looks so cool! And the card about the hubby using the rotary cutter to cut pizza is hilarious! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

  7. What a neat game and the little pieces are so neat, hope you had fun! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday


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