WIP - Potholders on the treadle

Tuesday of our staycation -

DD1 and DD2 were in the kitchen practicing their cooking and baking skills.  DD1 cooked lunch for everyone, and DD2 baked some dog biscuits for the puppy.
DD3 was at a playdate.
DS tested positive for the flu so he's been quarantined resting in his room.

Me?  I did get to try making something of purpose on my treadle!  Since last week's Meet my Machines post, I've been encouraged to really use my 1916 Singer Treadle.  I want to start with a small project, so I'm making potholders.  I had some fabric to cut for the front, and a coordinating blue swirl for the back.  I used cotton batting and also had Insul-Bright fabric to withstand the heat.

Blocks to cut out for my pot holders

Layers:  Back fabric (face down), Insul-Bright, Cotton Batting, Front fabric

I decided to cut out a bunch to practice, so I've got a big stack to try out on the treadle.

I bring down my materials and open up the treadle, and look who jumps in first to give it a try...

DD2 likes to treadle too!

Isn't this a great machine??

I got to try the first one last night...

Marked a diagonal 'X' with an air-soluble marker.

Set the quilter bar at 1.5".

Stitching - following the original quilt line.

I must say, my first potholder is quite ugly.  With no walking foot, I will need to adjust the presser bar to ease up the pressure when stitching through so many layers.  The fabric pulled a lot!  I think the knob on the top of the machine can help.  I found and Singer 66 Treadle User Manual here.

Not good first atempt. 

So this is my Work in Progress (WIP) for Wednesday.  Time for the next quilt sandwich off my practice stack.

Happy Stitching!!


  1. That fabric is so pretty....ya better save some of those for a beautiful wall hanging or quilt too....oops...sorry...don't mean to tell you what to do with your beautiful fabric!! LOL

    What a joy to see a treadle being used....good for you.


  2. I love love that fabric-how beautiful! excellent that you are working with your treadle

  3. What lovely fabric and such a great treadle machine!! I would love to find one someday!


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