FNSI - Zenspirations Embroidery

For my Friday Night Sew-In, I got to play with the Zenspirations Patterned Monograms by Joanne Fink.  The set includes 146 designs:
  • Thirty-six letters and digits 3" size in a single color
  • Thirty-six letters and digits 3" size in an open color fill
  • Thirty-six letters and digits 6" size in a single color
  • Thirty-six letters and digits 6" size in an open color fill
  • Two frames for 3" letters in single color design.
I embroidered several store-bought blank items that I had in my stash...

First up was a thick-insulated tote.  I tried a 3" 'K' for my friend, Kathleen.  I found the open design of this font did not work well for this thick material.  Some of the stitches in the beginning of the design would become loose as subsequent adjacent lines were stitched, thus compressing the insulation, and loosening the nearby (beginning) stitches.  I hope that makes sense, the way I tried to explain it.  The result was not as crisp-looking as one would hope.

Monogram on a thick-insulated lunch tote.  Not happy with result.

So I then tried embroidering on another lunch tote, that has a thinner insulation layer.  This one worked much better, and I like the result.   I put an "L" on this one for my friend, Lorine.
Embroidery in progress on a slim lunch-tote. 

Finished monogram on a slim-insulation lunch tote.  Better results!

I embroidered the circle frame on a child-size apron with a 3" color-filled initial for DD3.

Frame embroidery in progress.

Initial and circle frame on a child's apron.

I embroidered a 3" initial in a single teal color and used a coordinating variegated thread with the frame embroidery on a black zipper-tote.


I love the zen-inspired frame designs.

DD2 wanted a tote so I took a medium-size cream denim tote and embroidered a large 6" color-fill letter.

I turn the tote bag inside-out to do the embroidery on the outside panel.

6" letter with color-fill.  Nice and crisp.

Finally, I tried the zen-monograms on a can cozy.  This one was for me and is a single-color 3" letter.

A can cozy for my many diet sodas.  

Overall, I love the look of this monogram set.  The letters are clean, sharp, stitch out fairly quickly.  The frame designs are fun to do and coordinate well.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely, lovely monograms. I noticed you have a friend with a "K" and a friend with an "L", need a friend with an "S" to make gifts for? :)

  2. Lovely job orally our pieces, very inspirational to see it on different projects.

    Love the S and G, I may have to try it out myself, where did you find the book?

    Sandi H. In New Westminster B.C.

  3. These look nice! Thanks for the photos. How do you embroider a cozy? I don't think I could do it on my Babylock machine. I am new to embroidery so maybe I just don't know how to do it... :(

    ~ Darlene
    @ My Honey Bunch

  4. Oh I love the Zenspirations monograms and your work is beautiful! Thanks for the fun pix....makes me want to do some ME!


  5. Sylvia, These turned out great. Zentangles are becoming so popular recently. I especially like the "G" in the square frame. I haven't done any embroidery lately, but today I pulled out some UFO's that I need to complete, so my machine should be busy very soon!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~June in AZ

  6. Wow, they all look amazing. Is that actually free machine embroidery? If it is, I am in awe!

  7. These are really lovely. Your machine looks very complicated with all the threads on - I would get into such a tangle!!

  8. These monograms look amazing - and what a great friend you are!

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Thank you for the nice comments, and for stopping by.
      Have a great day!

  9. Gorgeous monograms!!! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


  10. Very very pretty, I'm sure your friends will be thrilled with their monogrammed goodies. Looks very complicated to me (I struggle to sew in a straight line with one thread!)!

    1. Thank you so much your comments and for stopping by!


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