Oh my!  Look what is inside my front door.  As my DD1 said, "That's A LOT of cookies!".  47 cases actually, which equals 564 boxes of yummy, delicious Girl Scout cookies.  Lots of temptations!  My favorites are Samoas, but the most ordered cookie for this batch was the always favorite Thin Mints.  Which is your favorite?

Would you like some Girl Scout cookies??

These are the orders for two of my girls' troops.  Thank goodness we have a meeting today with the older girls, so at least they can take their boxes out of here. 

These are the boxes that I need to sort next. They contain merchandise donated to the scouts from the JoAnn store..  This is going to take a while.  :-)

 I've got shirts to embroider first.  Better get busy.  Have a great Tuesday!

Happy Stitching!


  1. wow that is allot of cookies-cool that you all sold so many

  2. I remember the days of selling Girl Scout cookies when my daughter was a girl scout. THey were $2 a box back then. My favorite still is Samoas.


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