Kid's Valentine Craft

My girls' Girl Scout troops have exchanged valentines with another troop in Ohio for the last several years.  It is just a nice little pen-pal gesture to show that girls that there are girls around the country (and world) that do scouts, just like they do.

Our older daughter's troop didn't get a chance to finish their craft for the exchange at our last meeting, so I helped my youngest daughter (a Daisy scout) finish the job.  We made these cute little clothespin foam critters.  I worked the glue gun for the pieces that were not stickers, and my daughter did the rest.

Lots of foamy pieces

I hot glued the ears.  I always manage to burn myself with that thing too.

DD3 at work.

They are cute!
We added these critters to the bags with other goodies and I'll be mailing it off today.  It was a fun little craft for a child.


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