Will You EQ Stitch?

I just saw that Electric Quilt company has come out with a plugin for EQ7 called EQ Stitch.  It allows you to digitize your drawn designs for your embroidery machine.  While I'm not new to embroidery, digitizing is something new for me.  This product looks exciting!

This software will allow you to create machine appliqué and quilting designs so can embroider them on your quilts.

One of the features that I like it that it can digitize any TrueType font on your computer.  I do a lot of monograming.  I own a couple of monograming software packages (BES and Monogram Wizard Plus), and with these, you need to purchase additional fonts to embroider them.  To be able to digitize any font you already type with on your computer seems like a great feature in EQ Stitch.

EQ7 is required to run this software.  Since I have EQ7, and with the EQ Stitch introductory price at $149, this is something I think I may be purchasing.  What do you think?  If you have EQ7, and an embroidery machine, will you be purchasing EQ Stitch?


  1. I am new to embroidery but this looks like something fun! Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Darlene

  2. It really looks interesting! I have EQ7 but not a embroidery machine. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. I may be buying it too. Another toy to play with

  4. I ordered it yesterday. I have a digitizing program for my Pfaff - 4D Embroidery, but it's really not that user-friendly when it comes to digitizing.



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