FNWF - Embroidery & EQ7

I spent some time Friday night waiting on my computer.  It gets so slow sometimes.  I run Windows on my Mac for the embroidery and EQ software.  Sometimes I just makes me wait and wait for Windows to move along.  I dozed off while I was waiting, so I figured I would call it a night, and do some work on Saturday instead.  :-)

I embroidered a few dance duffle bags for a friend.  There are several girls named "Olivia" at this dance company so I added a cute little dragonfly accent after her name so this Olivia knows this bag is hers.  These bags are vinyl backed, so I did not want to poke extra holes in the fabric with a basting stitch to secure the fabric.  Instead, I hooped Baby Lock's Stick-Tear, Tear-Away stabilizer, and patted the duffle bag cover in place to secure it.  I then paid close attention while embroidering to make sure nothing shifted while under the needle.

I also finished the third (out of 4) EQ7 lessons from Quilt University's EQ7 Sampler class.

This lesson taught how to add an appliqué motif to your quilt, how to set quilting stencils on top of your  quilt, and then create a quilt label.

The appliqué started by choosing Simple Design - this Happy Face.  I then deleted the face parts and kept the remaining circle for my appliqué.  I guess that was to show how appliqués may be edited for your own needs.  That was certainly an interesting way to get a circle.

This appliqué was chosen for its circle shape. 

I recolored the circle with my fabric and placed them as the cornerstones of my sampler quilt.

My final finished EQ7 Sampler quilt.

Quilting stencils were added to the squares in the sashing.  A quilt label was created as a separate block made in a similar style to the quilt.

A block created as a quilt label.

The final lesson in this sampler class will show how to generate printouts from EQ7 for your blocks, appliqué, stencil, templates, cutting charts, fabric yardage, etc...

Hope you had a productive weekend too.

Happy Stitching!


  1. What kind of embroidery machine do you use? I'm thinking of getting a simple one. I need it for a quiet book! Love what you're doing on EQ and will be back to see who links to your Fundays. Life's too busy right now to sew and I really miss my machine! Oh well, soon the house will be emptied out and I'll have too much time on my hands again.

  2. I love your embroidered duffle bag. I just got a Babylock Ellure embroidery machine and trying to learn how to do more. I notice you don't use a hoop to embroider. I don't know how to do that... :(

    Following from a Link party.

    ~ Darlene
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  3. Beautiful embroidery and it looks like you are having a lot of fun learning how to use EQ7, it is a great program! Thanks for sharing.
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